10 Tips for Discovering Your Blogging Mojo

I am a big believer that it is important for photographers to blog, and to do it well. Your customers will live vicariously through you while reading your blog. They will share your adventures. They will get to know you and they will begin to identify with you. They will feel what you felt when […]

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How Cervélo Cycles Uses Social Media to Get the Word Out

Cervélo Cycles was established in 1995 with 2 engineers. Their passion is to create bicycles that are aerodynamically designed for speed and winning races—and they deliver. They were the youngest and smallest bike company to ever sponsor a top-level cycling team. In the 2005 Tour de France, David Zabriske rode the fastest time trial in […]

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A Modern Slant on Old Traditions

Remember the warm feeling you got when you walked into a store, bank, or restaurant and they remembered your name. If they were really good they also remembered the last thing you bought from them, or the house you just purchased, or your favorite item on the menu. And if they were really really good, […]

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